Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finding the time.

Lately I have been feeling like I am in a constant time crunch!! I know that everyone wishes there were more hours in the day – even if just to sleep more, but seriously there has to be a way to juggle it all with in the 24 hours that the good Lord gave us. Over the past 5 years I have worked my face off in search of a balanced life (yes, I know that working one’s face off for balance is tad contradictory, but stay with me here). I’ve spent most of my life living the opposite of balanced; in fact some might say it was insanity – living on the edge of 2 extremes: deep depression, sleeping 18 hours a day, only facing people when it was absolutely necessary and all things un-pretty to being up for days at a time, being the life of the party, making obsessive lists, seemingly getting lots done, meetings, jazz hands, out every night, martini, martini, martini, talking a million miles a minute, more jazz hands, being the girl that everyone loves who is taking over the world with a smile on her face and Gucci shoes on her feet (!!!!!) [pause for breath], all the while not even acknowledging that there is even the possibility of a middle in between. That middle where the magical state of balance resides. “Balance” was elusive to me, an urban myth that only existed on the pages self-help books and on occasional episodes of Oprah (although lets be honest, most of those ladies were probably making it up).

I will say that I am at a place where I am as close balanced as I ever have been and believe me, that is quite an accomplishment considering where I have come from. That being said, I still struggle with fitting it all in. I am sure you are thinking: ‘learn to say NO’, but it is not even that kind of stuff. Its stuff that I want to fit into my life because it is important to me. Things like (in no particular order):

Working out.
8 hours of sleep (at least).
Working hard at my really amazing job.
Being a good girlfriend to my really amazing boyfriend.
Being a good friend to all my really amazing friends.
Being a good daughter/sister/granddaughter/cousin/niece/auntie.
Quiet time.
Grocery shopping. Cooking. Cleaning. Laundry.
Blogging and responding to comments (which I love, BTW – so please keep ‘em coming)
Writing thank you notes and just because notes and birthday cards.
Reading the 20 books that I really want to read.
A TV show (or 3).
Responding to emails (sorry to those who I always lag on, you know who you are).
Miscellaneous things that come up.

I am sure you can look at this list and find a few things to cross off, but that is not what I am interested in. I want to know how you do it? How do you fit everything that is important to you in? How do you prioritize? Where do you find the time? Have you found that magical place called balance?


  1. No, I have no insight, but if you get any good advice on the matter, send it my way!

  2. Years ago I learned something about myself. If left to my own devices, if I have nothing to do then nothing is exactly what I will do. I find the most productive times in my life are those where I pack in enough to keep me moving at all times. Not that down time isn't important, and not to say that adding too much can compromise quality (a lesson I also had to learn), but learning your limits and learning the signs that manifest themselves as you reach those limits is one of life's great joys.

  3. ahhh balance....what a wonderful concept. honestly my balance - is my fiance. he really balances ME out. which helps me focus and balance my life/priorities.
    I just look at what I want to do vs. what I need vs. what would be best and make a list (you like that?) about whats most important and work from there (is this even making sense?)
    but really - i have to listen to my body. when it says STOP: SLOW DOWN I do......but until then....i'm a chicken w/ no head.

  4. I don't think I've mastered the balance thing in my life, but I have learned to let some things go. You can focus on how much you have to do and how you can't get to it all and let it overwhelm you completely.

    I am learning to accept that I CANNOT do it all and every day there will be things I don't get to and that's just going to have to be ok.

    Just my 2 cents.

  5. i just go hard and fast all the time until I don't... let me know how that balance thing works out for ya sweets!! :)

  6. I need balance in my life too! Hope you are doing well. I left you an award on my blog...check it out!