Monday, October 11, 2010

Where I need to be.

Hello there! I know that it has been for ever and ever and ever and apologies. I saw this today in a feature from a few days ago on Blessed Little Nest. It is a print from Love Sugar. In addition to being the cutest thing ever (hello, red head...I'm in LOVE), it is exactly what I needed to read today: You are where you need to be.

I have been quite overwhelmed lately (hence the lack of writing) and this reminds me to stop and take a breath. I am where I need to be. I choose to be present and learn from that place.

We have lots and lots to catch up on, including a long over due post about my triathlon...

In the mean time, stop by Love Sugar's esty shop -- I could seriously buy one of each, they are SO delightful! And take a moment today to remind yourself that you are where you need to be. Happy Monday!


  1. I'm all wiggly and out of sorts today so I guess that's were I need to be... welcome back baby your voice has been missed!

  2. Sometimes being where you need to be in a hard pill to swallow...where's the spoon of sugar when I need one? haha

    Thanks for the words of encouragement...and I have missed you blog ;o)

  3. Blogging again? Hello lover. SO happy you're back! And DUH- you are where you need to be. Obvs.


  4. glad to see you back! i've missed your wit!
    i agree - starting to feel "ok" with where I am and am learning that's where I need to be as well!!

  5. almost wrote you an email this morning with the subject line reading...."get on the blog writing, will you?!"